A medieval torture device?
Q. Where do you go to get healed?A. Pharmacy Q. Where do you go to get sick?A. ..harmacy
Kids grow up so fast these days!
This is an actual book.. Here is the Amazon link.
The internet is a strange place!
Notice that the only time you can read "How may I help you?" is when they are walking AWAY from

What the ducking duck?

You are typing on your phone. You want to use some variation of the word “f*ck”. Your autodamncorrect has decided to replace this horrendous word with “duck”.

From this frustration, What the Duck? was born.

What’s here..

On this site, we’ll explore the various What the Duck? moments of our world.

If you have a contribution, send it to walter@wtduck.me.

Who is Walter?

Walter Thaddeus Duck also goes by the moniker W.T. Duck.

What’s the idea?

This site is another project from Trevor Perry.

Who did this?

The duck artist is Sara Sechi. Her portfolio is here.