Are you thirsty for Hampagne? We have MOḞT ≀ CHANDON just for you! Thanks to David Eddie for this contribution
Stale gadgets out the back?
Remove 1 packet.Print DECAF on boxVoila! Decaf!
Way way out!
Ready or not, I'm Ready.
You smoke, you dance... Thanks to Jon Paris - taken on a recent trip to the UK.

What the ducking duck?

You are typing on your phone. You want to use some variation of the word “f*ck”. Your autodamncorrect has decided to replace this horrendous word with “duck”.

From this frustration, What the Duck? was born.

What’s here..

On this site, we’ll explore the various What the Duck? moments of our world.

If you have a contribution, send it to

Who is Walter?

Walter Thaddeus Duck also goes by the moniker W.T. Duck.

What’s the idea?

This site is another project from Trevor Perry.

Who did this?

The duck artist is Sara Sechi. Her portfolio is here.