What would FaceApp do with that picture?
Some settling of contents is to be expected. Define the word "some"..
mmmm. Fresh Evian apples...
May or may not? That is the question? Well... ARE THEY?
Mary Poppins costs more the longer you spend with her..
Cronch! The sound one makes when one is eating with chopsticks.

What the ducking duck?

You are typing on your phone. You want to use some variation of the word “f*ck”. Your autodamncorrect has decided to replace this horrendous word with “duck”.

From this frustration, What the Duck? was born.

What’s here..

On this site, we’ll explore the various What the Duck? moments of our world.

If you have a contribution, send it to walter@wtduck.me.

Who is Walter?

Walter Thaddeus Duck also goes by the moniker W.T. Duck.

What’s the idea?

This site is another project from Trevor Perry.

Who did this?

The duck artist is Sara Sechi. Her portfolio is here.